Welcome to Zappie.

The easy to use, simple to set-up, no fuss WiFi solution designed for hotels, motels, campgrounds, backpackers, lodges, cafes, restaurants, marinas, holiday houses, apartment blocks or any business or individual wanting to offer free or paid WiFi.

Bring in more customers by setting up a hotspot and offering WiFi at your business.


  • Offer free or paid WiFi to customers
  • Controls usage and billing
  • Stops unauthorised access to your internet connection and reduces liability risk
  • Reduces running costs
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Brand your WiFi login page with your logo
  • Link your Facebook and Tripadvisor pages - get more likes and reviews
  • No monthly fees unless you opt for our more customised system with advanced features
  • No contracts and no set up fees
  • New Zealand owned and operated

Get started, no trouble

Buy a hotspot directly from us, or download our wireless hotspot firmware and set up your own.

Zappie hotspots come with a three year warranty and can be setup in just a few minutes.

You simply plug the hotspot into your modem and switch it on - easy!

Our hotspots cost $229 including GST and delivery in New Zealand. They have an indoor range of 30 - 50 metres and an outdoor range of up to 200 metres.

Sit back and relax

Our standard system will bring you revenue and you don't have to pay us anything for it. If you're looking for something extra we can upgrade you with additional features for a

small monthly fee. (Aside from that, we charge no extra fees and you can leave whenever you like, although we doubt you'll want to.)

Make your WiFi pay


You can sell vouchers to your customers at any price - all of the revenue goes to you! Vouchers are free to print, with no limits on quantity. They're data based and are available with or without time limits.

Online Purchases

When customers purchase WiFi online, you'll receive revenue for 50% of the megabytes (MB) they use at your WiFi zone. So, if a customer buys a pass for $20 and uses half their MB with you ($10 worth), you'll receive $5.

Prepaid account top-ups are $5 per 500MB, $10 per 1GB etc with no time limits. Standard passes begin at $10 for 1GB. You as the operator can set these prices to any level you want to charge, eg 10GB for $10.

Protect your customers and your business

Our secure system is safe from hackers and other internet threats. We also guarantee all revenue generated from online credit card transactions.

By using a safe system like Zappie, you'll reduce your liability risks and running costs.

Give your customers controlled free WiFi

Feeling generous? With Zappie you can specify an amount of data to be free per device, for every 24 hour period.

You can also specify certain times and days that free WiFi is available. Once the free WiFi quota is used, guests can purchase extra access.